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 Carol L. Schwarz
Carol SchwarzCarol L.Schwaz creative author
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    "One Day at a Time"

One day at a timelOne Day at a Time" is the true story of one woman's maturing faith in Jesus Christ.  As a pastor's wife with six sons, she confronted tragedies, successes, and surprises with the assurance of God's grace in her life.  When she prayed, God heard and answered.  God's presence consoled her in widowhood, increased her wisdom and sense of humor as her sons went through adolescence, and guided her in her decisions concerning remarriage and career moves.

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Named a finalist in the 2013 "Women of Faith" writing contest, this biography is suitable for adults and teenagers.

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Our story begins in Carmen's kitchen as she and her children eat dinner.  Daddy's place is empty, because he is on his way to Houston to look for work. For the past several days, Carmen has expected a call from him, but her cell phone has been quiet, except for calls from her sister Ana or other members of her extended family, some of whom are legal residents, and some of whom are undocumented.
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